Structured Cabling

What is Structured Cabling?

Integrating OnQ  and Honeywell products is an intelligent, unique solution that makes appliances and electronics work together to organize and distribute different technologies throughout the home—integrating security, home entertainment, computer networking, audio and video, cable and satellite TV and HVAC

Benefits of Structured Cabling

  • Given the stresses of everyday life and the increasing speed at which our lives unfold, it seems we are in pursuit of security, stability and comfortable surroundings. Honeywell’s structured wiring helps you make the most of your home, letting you enjoy lifestyle enhancement and endless possibilities. Security. Luxury. Convenience. Its intelligent design takes home control and security to new levels, making your life easier than you’ve ever dreamed possible. 
  • As the Internet and high-speed data communications evolve, homeowners are discovering that the once costly and intimidating dream of the “smart house” is now an achievable and surprisingly affordable reality.  
  •  Entertainment in your home can be a high-quality, cinematic experience   
  • Security has never been smarter

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cabling is becoming something to consider when wiring a new home or business for the future. We provide and install fiber optic cabling for network infastructures and for special needs such as camera networks.